Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mood Music

We can tell a lot about the way our partner is feeling by the type of music they are listening to. It takes a little study but you will start to learn how they react to certain types of music. Is the music up tempo or slow and methodical? Is what they are listening to making them get up and dance or are they just sitting listening to the words of the song. Maybe they are listening to the blues because they are sad or down in the dumps, or they could just like the blues. You need to start cataloging what type of music they are listening to and their emotions. For instance if every time they are listening to some funky disco music they seem to be dancing around having a good time, then make a note of it. However if they are sitting listening to some country song, drinking beer and in a down in the dumps mood, make a note of it. Go as far as to write down specific songs and seem to get them pumped up or feeling good. Then the next time they are having a bad day, slip on one of those songs that made them feel good at a different time and see if it improves their mood. This is one of those simple little things you do for the person you love, get to know them and how the music effects them. They may not make the connection but you will know the real reason you put that song on for them is because you love them.

Friday, February 5, 2010

"A relationship without passion is like a sword without a handle" - Zob

The quote in the title of this post bears a lot of weight into how you should be thinking about your relationship. Way to often in life we become comfortable and forget to work at one of the most treasured thing in our life, our relationships. We put them to the side for later or move them to the back burner hoping to get around to them sooner or later. Well this is the wrong way to keep a relationship healthy and active. You should do just the opposite, and let me tell you why. Your relationship dictates all your actions, you might think this is crazy but when you really think about it you know that it is true. After watching the movie The Secret, I soon realized that the power starts with you and those that are immediately involved in your life. This passion, if you will is like a snow ball and gains as it rolls down hill, and without passion you are at the bottom of the hill. How much harder is it to push that enlarging snowball up the hill? Chew on that for a minute. Try it out the next time you get a chance and really put some wonderful effort into your relationship, from every angle. Be loving, be caring, be sexual and be attentive and see what happens. I think you will find that your relationship will grow like a flower that gets all it needs to blossom in the warm summer sun. I am curious to hear from our audience as to how they feel on the subject so drop me a line at Look forward to your comments.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Your Relationship is part of all you do.

Once your a couple one thing you need to come to grips with is that your relationship is no longer yours or mine it is ours. This is a hard fact to grasp for most people, gone are the times that you only think about yourself. No longer can you just stay out all night with out letting someone know, and this is not because you have to but it is out of respect. You now have someone in your life that is worried about you. This person cares about you and to just not come home without letting them know is a terrible thing to put them through. No you do not have to run everything you do by them but you need to show respect when things are going to make you stray from your routine. This goes for both men and women, if you are going to stop at the bar for some drinks with your friends a call is important. Building trust is an important part of a relationship but keeping your partner in the dark can destroy that trust in a matter of minutes. Relationships are a commitment but they are not designed to be a jail term. Have your fun, just make sure your partner has an idea of what is going on.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why is sweaty sexy to some and repulsive to others.

I am curious about why the way sweat is viewed. I have seen commercials that show sweaty men that are suppose to be sexy then we get bombarded with deodorant commercials telling us that sweat isn't sexy at all. Again I am confused. Talking to several others I get almost a 50/50 mix on the subject. The people that are turned off by sweat talk about the odor and the feel of it against their body. They also talk about how it makes hair look nasty, once it gets the hair sticking to the body. On the turned on by sweat side of the ball, the fans talk about how it makes the body glisten, the also associate it with the person working out which is a turn on when someone takes care of their body. Sweaty fans, also seem to like the taste it adds to the skin, giving it a salty flavor. Hot sweaty sex is a big turn on for many people, the love the feeling that they are working hard at making love. I personally am a big fan of the sweaty body but I can see the other side of it also. This is why I want to hear from you what are your feelings on the subject, email your comments to

Note on the picture, I think sweat running between the breast is one sexy image.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The nice slutty girl.

Ladies until you are in a relationship you have the been forced to decide what type of woman you wanted to be. Unfortunately the male gender has such a narrow mind of classifications for you. Two categories stick out in my mind nice and slutty. There were the types of girls you took home to meet mom and they type that you went out with for only one reason. First of all let me apologies for the male gender, and next let me say that with the open sexual attitudes today this thinking is breaking down fast. Onto my point for to days post, if you are viewing my blog then you are most likely in a relationship or married. Now you can combine all these things into one to create that best relationship you ever had. You can be super sweet, the girl next door while you are out in public and then when you get home you can put on your stiletto heels and make your bedroom a play room. If you have a great partner you no longer have to worry about them telling buddies in the locker room about what the two of you are doing. This gives you the freedom to explore your sexual desires and that make your painters life even better. I don't think you will find anyone that doesn't want a little more excitement in the bedroom . Plus being able to explore your own sexuality can be a real boost for you, too. Being the object of a persons affection is a great way to build confidence and it will bring the two of you closer also.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog about your feelings.

Need a great way to communicate your feelings towards the other person in your relationship? Why not blog your feelings! With the ease of use of today's blogging tools such as you can easily put up and take down a blog for the two of you. Both of you start a diary type of blog that tells how things made you feel and topics that might need to be discused but are a little hard to get flowing from the start. Then only give your blog address to your partner and make sure they only give you theirs. Then once a day you can read each others post and see how and why your partner is feeling the way they are. Again you can use it to make suggestions to your partner or even just a fun little communication tool for the two of your to use. I would suggest deleting post after you know your partner has read them just to be on the safe side you never know when someone might just stumble upon your blog by accident. Today's relationships are different then in the past but in my opnion they have the ability to be a lot better, because of technology.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Be prepared as a couple.

Recently our furnace when out, during the middle of winter. Upon finding out from our local heating and cooling specialist that we needed to purchase a new furnace, we also were told that they couldn't put said furnace in for three days. This threw our whole relationship on tilt as we had to figure out how to live in just a couple of rooms in our house with only the heat of space heaters. Being the couple that we are we found all the blankets in the house and our warmest clothes to put on and sit about to snuggle the weekend away. It sounded like a great idea and we both figured that if nothing else we might find time to have a little fun under the blankets. To our dismay the temperature dropped to the lowest point in had been all year and instead of using the friction of our naked bodies to keep us hot, instead we found us in flannel sheets with pajamas on snuggling to stay warm. Neither of us even considered taking our clothes off for even a short time, so there was going to be no intimacy during this time, or was there? Turns out the snuggling without the thought of sex send us back to a simpler time and we talked and snuggled as much as we could. We watched some great movies and ate or dinner with blankets wrapped around us. We all make fun of the snuggies but believe you, I would have loved to had one at this time. We spent a wonderful three days together saying warm and reconnecting with the use of conversation and snuggling. Don't get me wrong as soon as the heat was back on we both were ready to pounce on each other. However, it was nice to go back to a simpler time when all you needed was your partner to get through any situation. The rock that is called a relationship is sometimes way more powerful then we think. In closing make sure your relationship can handle all these bumps in the road, because they will come when you least expect it and their is no one better to ride out these situations with then your partner.