Saturday, January 30, 2010

Great Date Place on a budget - The Library

You might not think that the Library is a great place for a date but think about it you have several thing at the library to help with all your dating needs. Your local library has a lot more than books if your is anything like ours. They have DVDs, books on CD, and periodicals. Now you are still probably scratching your head and wondering how the library can be a great place for a date. Well if you don't have much money to spend on a date the two of you can browse the movie section of your library, while they may not have all the current releases they are sure to have something that is romantic for the two of you to watch. Think of all the great old movies that you haven't seen in a while, most likely you can find these at your library. Next the two of you can do a little scavenger hunt by looking for information on something that the two of you would like to get into once your budget isn't so limited. Maybe you both want to try skydiving one day well you can start finding all kinds of books on the subject and begin doing research on the topic so that when your finances allow it you will be ready. Finally the two of you can look up items that can spice up your relationship, things like self-help books on ways to be a better lover, or erotic literature to read to each other. Maybe even a book on budget travel to help you get to the destinations you want to venture to. One thing the library does is give you the information you need to learn about any topic on the face of the planet, so apply for your library card today and enjoy the look on your partners face when you ask them on a date to your library.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentines Day is Coming!

If you are unaware, it is only about 2 weeks until Valentine's Day is here. This is one of the most important days in as far as a relationship goes. It is a day you are suppose to show your partner how much they mean to you. The last thing you want to do is forget and have to pick up some lame gift on the spur of the moment. So today is the day you need to start figuring out your Valentine's Day gift. If money is no object to you then a trip, jewelry, or tickets to a great event are a wonderful idea. However, just because you don't have much money to spare doesn't mean your off the hook. Low on cash, just means that you have to be more creative in your pursuits of the perfect Valentine's Day gift. You could writer you love a poem, or create a fantastic meal for them. Silly things like planting love notes all over the house or decorating your bedroom really show that you are into your partner. Set up a romantic night for your partner will all of the things mentioned above. Make it a scavenger hunt have them run all over town picking up things you would need for your surprise, then when they get home with the goodies have them relax while you get everything ready.
Valentine's Day is a day that is high on the intimacy charts. Don't forget to plan some special love making into your special day. Wear something sexy or lay out something sexy for your partner to wear, put cologne or perfume on and make sure they get a good smell of you. Lastly be provocative make sure they know your intentions, then get wild and crazy when you hit the bedroom. Try something different or something you don't normally do, but your partner loves. The special feeling you get form giving your Valentine their special gift will be one of the greatest feelings you can have. Get your paper out now and start creating your special and memorable Valentine's Day.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are you leaving yourself to many exits to avoid intimacy?

Exits are basically ways to escape or leave things. Are you using any exits to avoid intimacy in your relationship? Think about it do you avoid intimacy in your relationship and if so what is your choice of exits. Things such as television, or sickness are two of the common ones. We have all heard the old line "Not tonight dear, I have a headache" or we get so involved in a show that we have to watch it several times a night until we are to tired. Sports are another big exit people use to get away from intimacy in a relationship. Personally I don't understand why you would want to be in a relationship and avoid intimacy. Exits can be things that are important also like you kids, do you know anyone that puts their children ahead of everything else and then doesn't have time to enjoy things they want to do. I agree that your children are important but they need to understand that relationships are important and you are the only one that can show them that. Some exits are harmful to the person or other persons in a relationship. Alcohol and drugs are the main exits people use to escape from the pressure of being in a relationship. Right now I want you to think about exits you use in your relationship, they can be things you use to avoid intimacy or even just things you use to avoid areas of your relationship such as parenting or friendship. Relationship are not easy for everyone and the are constantly requiring work, so instead of shying away with the use of exits why not buck up and put the effort into building a strong relationship?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keep your partner comfortable with the changing of the season.

Right now where we live it is cold and snowy but before we know it the weather will change and the heat will be unbearable. Keeping your living space livable is your mission. Do you have extra blanket in the areas your partner will frequent during the cold months? Places where they like to curl up and read or on your bed to keep warm and snuggly? With these simple things as placing a blanket somewhere can really improve you stock in the relationship. Maybe whipping up some hot chocolate or buying some warm slippers will not only help keep the blood pumping in your partner but will also help you keep your fuel bills down. Same goes for the summer hot months do you have fans ready for the really hot days. Again, offering some ice cold drinks would make you look like a saint as the mercury in the thermometer rises. Make sure you also have all your clothes ready for the changing of the seasons also. Sweaters and sweatshirts for fall and winter and shorts and t-shirts when spring and summer roll around. By keeping your partner comfortable you will reap the rewards as they have to thank you is some manner.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fights are like weeds in your garden!

Farmers can grow the most perfect garden in the world but occasionally a few weeds will pop up. This is the same with fights in your relationship, no matter how strong your relationship is from time to time a fight will break out. Usually these will take the form of an argument and they can be short lived or long and drawn out, that is up to the individuals. If you go into a relationship with the delusion of never having a fight then you are not very realistic. Fights sometimes help clear the air and get things out in the open. There are some important things you need to know when a fight does accrue. First and for most stay away from personal attacks, don't just throw things out in the middle of an argument that don't pertain to the situation. Things like your fat, or stupid or both fat and stupid are not important and will really harm your relationship down the road. Stick with the subject and focus on that. Second, don't let the fight consume you so that you break down the lines of communication, not speaking to each other is the worst type of fight because no resolution will ever be made. If you need time to get away from the situation take a little but make sure to let your partner know how long you will be gone. Lastly and this is a hard one, try to wait for make up sex until the day after you make up. You don't want to associate great sex with a fight and you don't want to fall into that trap of, "we need to fight to have great sex" Set your boundaries and agree at a time when you are not fighting that disagreements will not ruin your relationship, set up a way to discuss the issues in a calm manner so that both partners get a say in the outcome. With a little work your fights can become little more then heated debates.

Artwork above titled Disagreement between Sum of all Parts by Jeff Tanger

Monday, January 25, 2010

Get over your fear of Masturbation.

One thing you need to do to have a healthy and happy relationship is to get over your fear of masturbation. Almost everyone masturbates they just don't talk about it. Just because your partner is pleasuring themselves doesn't mean your relationship is on the rocks. It means that masturbation feels good, you don't think your relationship is going down the tubes because your partner is exercising do you. If they thought of your partner masturbating is hard for you to understand then think of it as exercise, this way they are in great sexual shape to satisfy your needs. My suggestions to couples is to do it together that way it is more intimate and the one partner doesn't feel like they are sneaking around to get this pleasure. I understand that they way many people were brought up that masturbation was a taboo and forbidden practice well I am here to tell you that most of the people who told you that were masturbating also. Masturbating with a partner the first time is a little nerve racking I understand that but you have so much to gain from this action. For starters your partner is going to see how you like to be pleased, they are also going to most likely get turned on by your actions, and it can be very intimate once you get comfortable doing it. Think about it while your making yourself feel good your partner can be caressing your body, whispering in your ear, or even masturbating with you. Now if you don't think those things are sexy then you need some help. Lastly this helps us in our relationship by calming the seas between the differences in our libido. Now you can encourage your partner to let you watch them instead of just flat out telling them you don't feel like it. Masturbation can also help with areas like premature ejaculation, understanding, and even a little role playing. Some women enjoy when a man masturbates before they make love because it makes it a little smaller for it's next go around. You can find plenty of great books to help you and your partner gain trust and experience in mutual masturbation and you can search for them by clicking on my Amazon side bar.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wear Underwear the accents your features.

Unless your a model the only person the probably sees your underwear is your partner. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be active in picking underwear that makes helps you look sexy. I hear so much from people that they don't understand why their partner wears nice underwear to work but then at home wears things that are a little more, well unsexy. Tighty Whities, Granny panties, or just old tattered underwear are just a few that pop into my mind. Next time you know that your partner will see you in your underwear give them a show. Parade around in front of them with some sexy Victoria Secret special panties or a thong are bound to gain attention of your partner. Men make sure the underwear you select accents your manhood well. You can even give it a little rubbing to draw more attention to it. With any luck your partner will be overcome with passion and quickly want to explore your underpants a little more.