Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feeling Flirty

One thing that we lose when we get into a relationship is the focus we put into flirting. We feel that we have got our mate so there is no use putting the extra effort into this ritual of attraction. Well I am here to tell you that flirting should continue as long as you both still have a heart beat. Why would you want to stop doing something that tells the other person you are interested in them as well as you are still attracted to them? Wouldn't our relationships stay stronger if each and every day we felt like we had to impress our partner? Maybe if you flirt a little more your sexual relationship would get better also. Flirting is an art form that we need to continue to improve each and every day and if you have a partner you have a great advantage at focusing on this skill. You can be a little more out going in your flirtation when you know your partner cares about you already. Tonight give a little wink or a stare and make sure you partner knows that you still want to chase them a little!

Friday, January 22, 2010

When sex isn't an option use your hands!

There are times in your relationship that you might not be able or care to have sex, and that is quite alright. What happens when your partner wants to enjoy a little intimacy and for what ever reason you don't want to. Well that is why god gave your hands, among many other reasons. You can use your hands to pleasure your partner now matter if your man or woman. There are many different techniques, methods, and even toys to help you in the pursuit. Remember just because you are not in the mood or feeling like it doesn't mean your partner should have to suffer or resist their urges. Handjobs are the obvious answer to anyone and you can give them to males and females alike. The book Red Hot Touch in our Amazon side bar is a great read for learning more about this type of enjoyment. Oral sex is another option that most people enjoy receiving and can be quite as nice as any other form of sex. Today they are also many toys that can be used to achieve satisfaction and can be use by or on your partner. Masturbators for men and vibrators and dildos for women are great tool to get your partner off when you just don't feel like it. The important part is being together, if your really don't feel like assisting in any matter then tell them you would love to watch them pleasure themselves and at least the two of you are together instead of in the other room away from each other during orgasm. Don't doom your partner to sexless nights because you are not in the mood both of you are important parts to this relationship and both your feelings are important. So instead of saying, "No way" to your eager partner find another way to excite them, that way both of your needs get met.

Above is a picture of the Tenga Egg the newest technology in masturbation for men.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Horny people have feeling to.

There is a misconception in the area of relationships these days that has me a little troubled. This is the fact that if one person in the relationship is more sexual(horny) then the other, that their only goal is to have sex! How many of you out their have ever heard these expressions "That's all you want from me" or "Is that all you think about?" Now I am going to stick up for these people because these simple expression are really hurtful to someone that just wants to be intimate with their partner. Remember this, These people don't just want to have sex, they want to be intimate with you. They find your very appealing and enjoy being physical with you, they also find comfort in you. It's not all "Bang a Gong get it on" to coin a term from T.Rex but it is more of a feeling to them. The act of sex is primal unless you put it into context of a committed relationship, then it becomes a form of communication and love. It's non verbal but can bring both parties to a feeling of joy and happiness. So next time you feel a little frustrated when you think you partner is being a little to frisky, say to yourself, "I am so glad that they are passionate and committed to me that they desire me this much" 99% of the time if you just try to look at things from a different perspective you understand it a little better.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just like a garden you need to cultivate your relationship

Do you think that gardens just grow themselves without any assistance from the farmer? Sure you might get an occasional plant to sprout just by letting them grow wild but with a little care and attention that same plant will grow stronger and bigger. Same goes for your relationship. Are you putting time into your relationship, are you putting effort into it, and are you putting your relationship into perspective with all the other things going on in your life? Do you find yourself talking about things that bother you more then the things that make you happy? Well if you one of those people who let outside influences affect your relationship then you need to take a step back and realize that you are not giving your relationship the sun and water it needs to grow. You are putting a dark cloud over your relationship. How important do your rank your relationship? Most of us would say pretty high maybe behind children, would be the only thing in front of our relationship to most of us. However most of us spend way more time focusing on other things then our relationship. We put extra hours into work, exercise, and many other things then giving our relationships the time and respect it deserve. Basically we take them for granted, this is the fast track to losing this relationship. For example how much time do you spend in preparation for making love to your partner? Now compare that to how much time your spend preparing for work each morning. How much time do you spend on your cell phone when you are out together are you chit chatting with friends, family, or co-workers when you should be focusing on your partner and having a good time with them. I think most of us need to really look at how much effort we are putting into our relationships, and I am sure that most of your out there will feel like you can do more if you try just a little. Now get your watering can and roll up your sleeves and start today cultivating the best relationship you can.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Document major achievements in your relationship.

We all make sure to document times like anniversaries and birthdays but do you remember in important times in your relationship? The first date, the first kiss, your first vacation together, the list can go on and on but do we really document these things? Well you could really surprise your mate by making a big deal over any of them. For instance my partner and I attended a movie on our first date and on our first year anniversary I had the ticket stubs framed for us to put on our wall. Now that may seem like a lame gift but it had such sentimental value that really you couldn't put a price on it. Later on in our relationship I gave her a note that she passed to me on one of our dates, she was shocked and amazed that I had kept that note. In return she has impressed me with her documenting things in our relationship. She could tell me the exact clothes I was wearing on our first date, and the song that was playing the first time we kissed. If you haven't yet start a journal of all these wonderful memories and firsts, then when ever you want to create a sentimental memory all you have to do is look back in the journal to find them. D0n't be afraid to do this if you have been in your relationship for a long time, the things you do today might be important in another ten years. So don't delay start your memory journal today.

Monday, January 18, 2010

History of Relationships

As we sit here wondering how important our relationship is to our lives, I would like to ask you to look back into history to see the importance of relationships of the past. Search for how many wars and battle were fought for love and how passion played an important roll in the forming of our history. Now how important do you think your relationship is? Could your relationship produce a president or the person that discovers a cure for cancer, maybe only time will tell. As long as we are looking back into the past to see how important love and relationships were I always push people to look at the ancient greeks. The Greeks created gods for everything from the sun to the sea but they also had several that assisted in the areas of love an relationships. Gods such as Aphrodite, Athena, Hera, Hestia, and Dionysus just to mention a few. This shows us that the ancient greeks were very worried about their relationships and how their lives played out with one another. Even their Semi-gods and spirits lead you further believe how important relationships were to the greeks, names for these creatures such as Fates, Muses, and Nymphs lead us to believe that the greeks were a romantic and sexual culture. Not to mention they wore toga's most of the time so you know they loved to party. Next time you are studying history take a look at the way they addressed the issues of relationship and intimacy. I think you will be surprised to see how important it was in each and every society that has ever been on the face of the earth.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Setting up your relationship for when it's just the two of you again.

Kids, work, friends, etc. the everyday hustle and bustle that keeps us busy, effects our relationship in many ways. One of these ways is that it takes time away from the two of you being a couple. Sure you find time to spend together, you have a date night, and you even find time to slip in a little one on one in the bedroom. What happens however when all the other distractions go away? Are you ready for the time when it is just the two of you? Think about it what happens when the kids have families of their own, and you are retired? It's back to just the two of you. It can be a highly stressful time if you have to regain that feeling of it just being the two of you. Remember back to a time when the world would just melt away when it was just the two of you, how you ached to get to see one another. Now is the time to start getting your relationship back in order. Start looking for things you can do together, visualize what it will be like when the two of you are alone for extended periods of time, are you going to move to opposite ends of the house or are you going to experience this time hand in hand. We get so caught up in what we are doing sometimes we forget how important our relationship is, we think of each other as an annoyance instead of the person we use to desire attention from. It's not to late make the commitment to get that loving feeling back again, find common interests and start planing together for this future that will come. You can spend your golden years sitting watching television and ignoring each other or with some planning now you can be dancing the tango with the person you fell in love with.