Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tell your partner which clothes you love best on them.

You know when you are getting ready to go out or someplace that you need to dress up a little bit. While you are getting ready you always have that question of your partner. "How does this look" is your effort to make sure you look acceptable. Why not be a little proactive in this by telling you partner which clothes they look the best in. Whenever they wear something that makes you say, "WOW" let them know how good they look in that outfit. You can also suggest something before you start getting ready like, "You should wear that blue shirt, you look really handsome in it" or "You look stunning in that red dress, you should wear that" Not only are you helping your partner pick out something to wear you are also letting them know you still love looking at them. You can do this with all your clothes items weather it is casual clothes or even nighttime wear. Let your partner know what catches your eye when they wear it, it might just help you get to see them in it more.

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