Saturday, October 2, 2010

Needing a lift? Spend some time in nature.

Time can get away from you in the bustle of everyday life. You find that your time flies out the window at times and that you don't seem to get half of what you want done. Although you are busy you might seem unsatisfied with what you have done. When this happens to you that is when you need to get in touch with nature. Take your partner by the hand and dedicate an amount of time (at least an hour) to spending time outside together just enjoying nature. Take a walk in the woods, go sit together by a stream, or just go sit under the shade of a grand old tree. Hold hands and enjoy the fresh air, the simple sounds of nature, and the companionship your have before you. Soon you might find all the cares in your life are not as important as you though before. Keep the busy part of your life out of your head as you focus on watching nature, the touch of your partner, and the slowness of the time passing. Needless to say you should feel recharged and have gotten your priorities back in line. Which in turn will help you deal with your everyday life in a much better fashion. Personally it make the time slow down for me, even as I come back to my computer to work. The pace seem less stressful and things seem to flow a lot better. In that manner I feel that nature has helped all the aspects of my life and I am most appreciative of that.

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