Sunday, October 24, 2010

A morning massage just might be what the doctor ordered.

On those days that you get to snuggle together in the mornings you might take advantage of the time to start your partners day out right. A morning massage no matter how small might just kick start your partners day. Gently start rubbing you partners shoulders to see if they are receptive to the morning massage. One sure way to know is if you hear the moan of pleasure. That is the tell tell sign that you should continue. A massage not only gets the blood flowing but it also stimulates the nerves in that area and really will give your partner a wonderful sensation. When you wake in the morning you might be a little more relaxed so that the massage has a bigger impact on your partner. Plus it just plain feels good to have the person you love's hands touching you the first thing in the morning. Some of the great places to focus on are the shoulders, the arms, the legs and a big one is the feet. A massage can be a wonderful feeling but it is much more than that can be a wonderful way to build closeness in your relationship. The feeling that you partner is thinking about your well being right from the start of the day, should grace your face with a smile.

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