Thursday, October 7, 2010

Make love your religion

There is an old song I believe by Ziggy Marley that states "Love is my religion" I personally think that is a wonderful statement. I am not here to bash anyone's religion but today so many of them are not what was originally intended. Big business has effected our religion and I truly believe that love is the greatest and safest religion. Putting effort and extra energy into your love can only bring you more happiness and joy. Plus you are not judged like you are in most religions today. My religion manifests in the love I have for my partner and our family and that is my safe haven. Many religions have some great messages to deliver but in the process someone has taken those messages and twisted them into orders and demands of people. I want to send love out and that is how I am spiritual. I am not telling you to stop believing in what you believe but I am asking you to step back and really look at what is best for your relationship and your life. Dig deep and find the real meanings to your religion and then put them into your love.

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