Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kiss someplace new tonight.

Tonight make it a point to kiss someplace new. Now that can mean a couple of things for starters it could mean that you kiss a different part of their body. Try out some different spots on the body and see the reaction your partner has. For example kissing on the inside of jointed areas can be a huge turn on to some people. The inside of the arm where the elbow bends, or the back side of the knee can both be very sensual places that don't get a lot of attention. The hands or feet are other areas that can be very sensitive to a kiss. The point being pick a spot on your lovers body you have never kissed and kiss it. Now another way you can go about this is find a place in your house or neighborhood that you have never had a kiss before. Maybe it is the attic, or the basement. You could go to a local park or downtown in the middle of the busy time. Where ever you chose the point it to show your partner you want to experience them everywhere. This can become a habit. I know a couple who's goal is to kiss in every state in the United States or America. You can seek out special kissing places such as waterfalls, scenic views or even sporting events. What ever floats your boat or makes your lips tingle go for it. Happy kissing day to you and your partner.

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