Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween is here, that is a good excuse to try a little dressing up...

Halloween isn't just a great time for you kids. You can take advantage of the special day also. Halloween offers plenty of time for the two of you to dress up in sexy costumes and well have a little trick or treating of your own. The same old sexy costumes are out their year after year. I recently listened to a podcast and they were talking about all the slutty costumes there are for women. This is true most of them turn the women into a sexy vampire or a sexy school girl. These are great and fine but why not step out of the sexy box for a minute and try something more passionate. How about putting on some war paint and having great spiritual sex the way indians did. You can scream and yell Indian sounds as you make love to each other. How about being Adam and Eve in your bedroom with only some fig leaves between you. What ever you decide to be this halloween take it into your bedroom also and have fun. That is what makes relationship so special you can let loose a little and become on of the natives.

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