Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't put your passion on auto pilot.

We get into routines when we crave the passion we want. The same activities happen in the same order every time we get a chance to be intimate. This isn't a bad thing as we find out what works and stick with it. However this can be the boredom that can haunt our bedroom. The answer is for starters to start being intimate more often. This will allow you more chances to switch things up without the fear of having a bad sexual encounter. Next find some reading material on sexual instructions and try something a little different. You woman will always need a little warming up with foreplay so that is a wonderful time to try different and exciting things. Lastly and this one usually affects the men the most, but slow down. Take your time play with your partner make them feel special when you try something new on them. By taking your passion off auto pilot you allow your course to chance and while you might hit some bumps you will still get to your destination.

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