Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't forget to be friends in your relationship.

One of the biggest problems I feel happen in a relationship is that we lose sight of how important our friendship is with each other. We become a couple and now we aren't friends any longer we become partners and lovers. We forget that we had a make a bond first and that was becoming friends. We did things together, we talked, we enjoyed each others company, so why should we stop doing those things. We can still have intimacy, take on the daily tasks of living and be friends. Why do so many couples not get this! Set up dates have nights of fun laughing until the sun comes up, start remembering what it was like to build that friendship during the very early part of your relationship. I am sure if you think back that if the friendship wasn't there your relationship wouldn't be where it is today? Think about that for a while and you will see just how important remaining friends is.


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  2. I don't know. My relationship with myself has always been a blast. It's the relationships with others that are boring.