Friday, October 22, 2010

Do it together

The title of this post might make you think a bit. However your intimacy you can't help but do together. I am talking about doing as much as you can together. The little things that might seem simple but they take on a whole new approach when you do them together. Things like going to the store, yard work, or even wrapping christmas presents can be a romantic adventure if you let them. I know my partner and I pick a day and enjoy wrapping all our Christmas presents at one time. We shut the door turn on some music and talk as we cut and tape our way finished. We also enjoy spending time together doing the shopping as it gives us a chance to discuss what different kinds of foods we would like to try. The simplest things you can think of can be enhanced by doing them together. Whatever the task you do together just bring along some conversation, hold hands, and enjoy each other. It might seem a bit strange but this will make your relationship stronger.

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