Saturday, October 9, 2010

Challenge each other to recycle!

Love is good and recycling is good, also. Why not make a game of recycling between you and your lover. Make it a point to see who can recycle the most items or to call the other one out when they don't recycle. If you find a soda can in the trash from your lover, make sure to draw it to their attention. You could even go as far as to set up a chart and when you hit a certain point your partner has to take you to dinner. You could even put disciplines on items found in the trash that were recyclable. For example, 3 items found would make your partner have to give you a massage. Heck you could even attach sexual favors to a number of recycled items you find in the trash from your partner. Then at least you both win as you dig out the items. If you really want to get into the competition thing then start two bags of recycling and see who can fill theirs up first. You could even do this in your neighborhood. What ever way you do it, the fact remains you will be helping the environment. Peace and recycling to all of you.

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