Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Be a unit as well as an individual

We all hear about how important it is to be an individual. To keep your dreams and feelings intact so that you don't lose yourself. I agree with this, however you have to treat your relationship as a unit. You can't only focus on the desires that you have and leave nothing left for your partner. That is the quickest way to destroy your relationship. Our relationships are a union and they need to have their own identity. You need to put as much focus on them as your do your individual self as well as your partners individual self. You need to make time for all these parts of your relationship because if you neglect one the others will revolt. So as you make plans for yourself make sure they don't conflict with your partners plans or the plans you share as a couple. Keeping this balancing act in tact will help to strengthen your relationship. You have to look at your relationship as a triangle with both of you as the base points and coming together in union as the top point. This is where the true power will surface and your triangle cannot be complete with out all three points. Now start planning things not only for yourself but for you relationship also.

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