Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Be a little aggressive in bed.

I read an interesting statistic the other day that claimed that most women wish their men were a little more aggressive in bed. It would seem that with women getting more in touch with their sexuality that gone are the days of slow and calm love making. I am sure after that last statement I will get tons of emails from women that love it slow and calm. However I am sticking to my feeling that women want to feel like their love making is passionate. To me passionate means not being able to control your desire for the person you are with. This make sense to me why women would love the aggressiveness. Who doesn't want to feel like their lover can't get enough of them. Here is a little secret ladies, men like you to be aggressive also. It seems that both sexes should go after what they want and well the sex will satisfy both of them. The only problem I for see is that if both partners want to be aggressive who gets to lead? I will let the two of you sort that out and maybe it is just a matter of taking turns or switching. Which ever works best for you doesn't matter but don't put the stove on simmer when you can put it on hot!

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  1. if both partners are aggressive, they may take turns leading. One on one night and one on the other.