Sunday, September 19, 2010

"You have to love with both hands"

A wonderful thing happened today. My wonderful partner and I were lying in bed when our three year old son came in to join us. As usual he crawled between us and snuggled down. My partner reached across him to touch me. Our son started to fidget and pushed at the arm laying across him. My partner exclaimed, "I am trying to love on Daddy, too" To this our wonderful son said "You can't love like that you have to use both hands" He turned over and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. It was one of those tender moments that you will remember forever. Then something just as wonderful happened. My partner got up and went around the bed and got in on the other side and wrapped her arms around me and asked our son, "Like this" It was one of the most touching days of my life. Snuggled between the woman I love and the wonderful son we have made my heart sing.

This might not see that important to a lot of people. To me however it shows that we are teaching our son the right way to love. He told us that we have to put all we can into our love and that was an amazing thing to come out of a three year old's mouth. It make me smile because I know where he is learning such things from and it is the love that my partner and I share.

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