Thursday, September 23, 2010

Write an erotica story back and forth.

Sometimes if you have difficulty telling your partner what you want you might just have to write it down. Not an instruction list but a fantasy or a desire to try something different. Try this little exercise the next time the two of you have some free time. One of you start writing an erotica story and then after a page stop. That night read what you have written to your partner and then hand the paper over to them. The next day it is their turn to start writing and and to read their little bit of erotica to you that night. Keep this going until you finish a story and then start over again with the opposite partner starting the story. Be very descriptive about the images in your head and see if you can get your partner hot and ready for action. This might just become a ritual in your bedroom each night. It also allows you to express fantasies to your partner and gives them some insight to what you find erotic. Heck you might find that they two of you have the same interest but were both afraid to express it. Dig out your best writing pen or type of your part and send it to your love if you are to embarrassed to read it aloud. Soon you might just be getting exactly what you want.

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