Sunday, September 12, 2010

The times are right for getting closer to your partner.

We all love our partners or most likely you wouldn't be looking at this blog. The love and passion are the foundations of our relationship. However if you are reading this I am going to tell you the time is right for you to make a deeper connection. I want you relationship to turn spiritual, also. You might be thinking how in the heck can we do that. It is easier than you think. My partner and I have recently connected in a much higher plane and it has helped our relationship in this plane tremendously. Things you can do to start this process are simple and to say the least interesting. Start meditating together spend some quite time back to back clearing your minds. You could also use the lovers breath from the tantric practice to achieve the same affect. One partner sits in the other lap as both of you have your legs folded and then you breath in each others breath with your eyes closed. Another great way to achieve this special closeness is to start studying a spiritual practices such as Huna, Tantric, or The Toaist principles. You will soon start to converse about this which will get you both more in tune with each other. Gaining understanding of this nature will help you understand your relationship much much better and that benefits both of you.

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