Monday, September 6, 2010

Put a little pressure into your sex life.

Some of the most common complaint about coupes is about sex. There is not enough time, can't get in the mood, the kids are up, I'm tired, and these are just a few of the excuses people use to avoid making love. But why would you want to avoid it? there are so many health benefits to sex that is seems like you are doing your body wrong by not having sex. Plus the more you have it the better it gets and it keeps you young and healthy. No if you have been out of the practice of having sex often you need to pressure yourself into it. Start slow and let yourself build to the feeling of excitement. A little foreplay and teasing your partner will get you in the mood quicker then you waiting for it to happen on it's own. Sex can become a wonderful and exciting thing you share with your partner and all you have to do is start getting yourself in the mood. Take showers together, don't push away from kisses, let your hands rome a little while hugging are a few things you can do to make the juices start flowing. Nothing builds a relationship stronger then a good sexual relationship and not only does it build it but it makes it healthy and amazing. Studies show that couples with a strong sexual relationship live longer, are healthier, and claim to have a better relationship so why wouldn't you pressure yourself a little to have those things.

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