Monday, September 13, 2010

Making love for good luck!

There is a very special bond between a couple that they don't share with anyone else. That is the bond of intimacy and this is way more powerful then you can imagine. I cannot get into all the details and studies that show why intimacy between a couple are magical because it would take up all the space we have available. Intimacy between a loving couple is a bond that is can bring enlightenment and power to the couple as an unit. Try this the next time you have something big about to happen the next day. Maybe you are going to an interview or have a big presentation at work and you need to be your best. Well simply make mad passionate love the night before. You partner obviously has to be totally on board for this but it can make all the difference in the world. Here are my feelings on why this is good. I use the term luck in the post but I don't believe that it is luck. I believe by being intimate together you form a bond that makes both of you stronger and you take to battle all the qualities of both of you. I think this energy lasts for about 2 days but it is amazing. Your confidence is better, you feel better, you have an aura of success around you. This is the amazing union two people can create. Plus the feeling is unbeatable. Try this next time you need things to go your way and see just how much it makes a difference. I will talk more about this topic later because it is becoming a passion within our relationship.

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