Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love is the answer!

We all have those times in our life where things are not going as well as they should. Our jobs suck, the kids are driving us crazy, our families are out of control what ever they problem you should always turn to your love for stability. Use your relationship with your partner as a grounding point. Turn to that love you have anytime something is bothering you or stressing you and soon the problem will pass. There is a special energy between two people in love that forms a protective barrier against painful and stressful situations. Use that energy to help guide you, do shy away from it saying you are to stressed or can handle love right now. That is a sure way to keep the stress around you. Use love and intimacy as a vitamin for your life. Love and intimacy give you the special feeling you need to put your problems into perspective and to get past them. I will be commenting more on this energy of love in future post because I think people look the wrong way when they need help. All the help you need is in your relationship and they love it holds for you. Look into you partners eyes and see how much safety there is in them.

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