Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Get in touch with your body before you try to get in touch with your partners.

Our bodies give us so much information that we don't take seriously at many times. I am sure you have heard the expressions, "Women's Intuition" or "Gut reaction" these are way our body tries to tell us that something is not just right with what we are doing. I have heard stories about men and women that have had such strong reaction to these feelings that it changes there approach. Only to find out later that something bad would have happened had they went the other way. We have to learn to trust our own bodies and then start trusting the feelings our partner gets in the same manner. The two feelings combined will create a wonderful bond for the two of you and you will learn to tell when something doesn't feel right to your partner. Together you can form a tight bond and feel the love that surrounds you.

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