Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don't forget to say thanks.

Thanks for cleaning the kitchen honey, let me show you how much I appreciate it.

Being in a relationship is great for the simple fact that there are two of you to get things done. You partner can do things for you when you are unable and vice versa. You can even ask them to do things when they have time and they are usually going to do them for you. Love is funny in that manner. The problem arises when these helpful things go unnoticed or unappreciated. That is when chores or helpfulness seems more like orders then helping out. Appreciate the things your partner does and don't always take the easy way out and say "Thank You" Do something special for that person and in return you are going to get a lot more help when you need it. Take your partner out to a wonderful dinner after a day of them running errands for the two of you. Pick up the book they have been wanting to read as a token of your appreciation. Offer up a massage at the end of the day and express your appreciation while you make them feel good. My favorite however is to slip into something sexy or fill your bedroom with candle light and find a way orgasmically to thank them. Love is such a special thing and the last thing you want is your partner feeling unappreciated, so make sure to whisper softly in their ear, "Thank You"

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