Saturday, September 11, 2010

Changing your words can change the mood.

Sometimes the words you speak don't truly tell the story of what you mean to say. Our partners hear different things as we speak because of the words we choose or the tone we use when we say them. For example, I can say "Let's have sex" and it sounds like I just want to get my enjoyment and I don't care about my partner. However if I rephrase that to "Would you like to be intimate tonight?" I have now changed it to a question allowing my partner a chance to respond unlike the order in the first statement. The second statement has also been softened up and sounds more attractive to both partners. Putting things into questions is a great way to avoid conflict because other wise it sounds like an demand and not a caring wonder. You should take this approach in all your manners of dealing with your partner. "Honey, could you please take out the trash" is going to get a much better reaction then "Would it kill you to take out the trash" Make sure you use softer tones when dealing with your love this expresses a compassion for them that everyone loves. Try it by using the same statement but then softening your voice and saying it again. Use for example "Pass the butter" now say it in a more quite tone and softer. See the difference. Sometimes just the tone comes out all wrong. So now start thinking about the words you speak and start putting different words and questions as well as a softer tone into them and see how your partner responds. This could be very good for you.

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