Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Change your scent to help excitement a little.

I love to breath in my partner. The freshness of her coming into my body is an amazing feeling. However it is nice from time to time when she puts on lotion or perfume to get a different scent from her. It can be an erotic experience, say for instance when she uses her vanilla lotion. This change of scent peaks my interest. My nose becomes aware that something is different and that while it is not her essence I am soaking in, it is a pleasurable one. Try out different scents and see how your partner reacts to them. This goes for the men as well as the women. Purchase several different types of body wash or lotions and keep track of which ones your partner likes the best. You might even find that you get certain reactions from certain scents. Real estate agents have long used the trick of filling a house with a scent to help make it more attractive for sale. Now you can use the same tactic to help tantalise your lover.

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