Monday, August 2, 2010

Yard Work

Yard work is usually something that is dreaded, but as a couple you can take great pride in your landscaping. Plan out a project together, maybe it is putting a rock garden in or putting in some shrubbery. No matter what you do, even if it is just mowing try to make your yard a work of art. As a couple take pride in your yard, make it a point to work at it together. Take turns mowing and weeding the flowers. Make you landscape an extension of your relationship. Let it thrive and grow and be a model for others to follow. Landscaping has many other benefits. It is a form of exercise and is way better than sitting inside watching soap operas. Landscaping and gardening can also be therapeutic for many people. Plus it can make all your property worth a lot more money not only because of your landscaping. Once your neighbors see your yard they will feel the competition and start making their yard a showplace also. This might increase property values in the entire community. Most important, use your landscaping to get closer to your partner. The passion that comes from keeping the immaculate yard might spill over into your relationship.

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