Sunday, August 29, 2010

Use a long drive for deep talks.

Long drives are normally tiring and boring for everyone, especially the one doing the driving. As a couple you can help each other out by saving some deep conversations for your drive. Be it that you are going on vacation or just have a long drive ahead of you. A great conversation not only keeps the driver alert but it also makes the trip seem shorter. If you are the one not driving make sure to bring up subjects that are interesting and fun to talk about for your partner. Ask for their opinion on things and see if you can hit a passionate nerve for them to speak about. The meaning of life, desires for the future, past experiences are just a few things you can start conversations about. As you get into deep conversation the miles seem to pass quite faster and you might even reach your destination a little more refreshed then you would have imagined. If you two are alone in the car it is a great time to talk about your relationship. Don't talk about things that anger you, we don't want a fight on our drive, but the good things in your relationship. Praise your partner as you proceed on your drive. We so often don't tell our partner how good they make us feel and this is a wonderful time to do it. Touch the drivers arm or leg from time to time to give that human touch that is so important and also stimulates their feeling of being loved. Switch drivers when needed but try to keep the conversation going. Nothing makes a drive longer then when everyone is asleep and the driver has nothing to do besides focus on driving. The road becomes longer, and the driver becomes uncomfortable and itching for some human interaction. Music and food can help but it is not near as fun or exciting as that wonderful conversation the two of you could be having.

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