Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today is a great day for Oral Sex

We all know that sex is an important part of a relationship. You can give me all the bunk about it not being that important but it is an natural human need. Yet sometimes we need to do things a little different in our relationship to keep our sex new and exciting. This is a great exercise for learning how to please your partner. What I want you to do take turns and each of you bring your lover to climax using oral sex. I know I hear all the turn offs like "It takes to long", "I don't like the taste", or "Jaw gets tired" Tonight however you can do it! Make it your mission to give your partner the enjoyment of feeling something different. Facts show that most women are easier to orgasm when oral sex is performed on them and I don't know if there are even a handful of guys that don't enjoy this type form of sex. If you actually do have problems like jaw issues or get tired easy then use your hands to help out. Use your hands to stroke the penis until it gets close then switch to an oral technique, on a woman you can use a vibrator or your fingers to work her close to climax before finishing her off orally. These types acts of doing something totally to pleasure you partner go a long way to showing them how much you care about them. However don't be afraid to demand your turn to feel that care.

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