Sunday, August 15, 2010

Texting in a marriage can be your best friend.

One of the best technology that helps out a marriage is texting. It might sound a little silly but when you start seeing the benefits you will have to agree. Texting allows the two of you the freedom to converse without having to have both of you on the phone for extended periods of time. Plus it allows you to communicate with each other while you are busy. You can send a message to your partner and they can read it when they get a break or chance. Quick answers that texting give is awesome. For example you can quickly text each other to see who is picking up the kids or what you want for dinner. A simple reply quickly gets the point across and leaves no doubt to what is going on. You can also send sexy text messages to get your partner wound up for later in the evening. This might sound really crazy but I like to text my partner when we are in the same room. It is fun and adds a sense of mystery as the beep sounds to inform my partner she has a message. I like to send simple productive relationships messages like "You are so beautiful", "OMG I love the way you look when you are vacuuming", or "Hi there sexy!!!!" You can also use texting for lists for your partner. Like groceries that you need, or errands to run, plus you can also give quick information as to children's schedule changes, or to let them know when you have to make an unexpected trip. Texting might seem informal and not personal but it in fact is a wonderful tool for a relationship.

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