Friday, August 27, 2010

Ring of Fire

Want a little something to spice up your sex life but not something that cost a bundle? You don't want to dress up and you aren't into the bondage thing. You just want a little something to make it a tad different. Well that is when you need to check into a cock ring. The premiss of the cock ring is to contain the blood flow inside the penis for a more extended period of time. The hope in this is to allow the woman time to satisfy her needs as the penis stays hard longer. Ejaculation is usually delayed a bit and the veins of the penis add a little more ridges to stimulate the sexual parts it comes in contact with. Now cock rings can be dangerous so always read the instructions and don't push the time limit after all you don't want to damage your penis. The added size of the penis while it might seem small is just what the doctor ordered to bring a different light into your sex life. While like anything cock rings can get quite expensive but the basic models will fit into anyone's budget. Try one out today and see how just a little variation in your love making can add lots of excitement.

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