Monday, August 30, 2010

Love blooms beautiful when the seeds are planet right.

Love is the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth. However some people tend to take it for granted and soon weeds are growing in your bed of love. This can happen quietly over time and can disrupt your wonderful garden that at one time you were so attentive with. Now is the time to replant those seeds of love. Start doing little things that you did during the early stages of building your relationship. Open doors, get excited when your partner gets home from work, meet them with a kiss instead of bills or chores they need to get done and show them they are important. These simple little seeds as I call them are ways to improve and let your love take root again. Hold their hand at church, or just come up behind them and hug them are simple things that can stir feelings that might have gotten lost in the weeds. Give time to your relationship each day and make sure to devote yourself to doing this. Be with your love for a set amount of time taking care of things like, conversations, touching, expressing you love, intimacy, and just being present with each other. Don't allow outside influences to disrupt this time and soon your garden of love will start to flourish again. When in doubt of what to do think about what a real garden needs, sunlight and water. Go sit in the sun and enjoy each others company while conversing over a cool drink. Get near water go to a lake, take a picnic, or better yet take a shower together with the only purpose being to be naked and close to each other as you talk. Attending to your relationship like you would with your garden is a wonderful way to bring back that loving feeling.

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