Sunday, August 8, 2010

Full of Anniversaries

Well today as I am writing it is my 8Th anniversary with my partner. I have been blessed with a wonderful person that I am spending my life with. Just like all couples we have our problems and it isn't always a bed of roses. However the wonderful times by far outweigh the not so good times. I think back to all those great times we have had like the day we were married, the birth of our son, and how we have overcome struggles. Yet, as I reminisce about our memories the ones that make me smile are the little things we do together. The times we act silly together, like when we stay up asking each other silly questions, or just touching each other as we sleep. Those things are so small but so important to me. I also love it when we watch a movie and then quote lines to each other during the following days, and we are the only ones that have a clue to what we are talking about. There are so many simple little things that make our relationship special that it would be impossible to list them all. My point to you is, don't over look the little things we you are evaluating your relationship. The simple little things sure to add up when you are in love. In closing I would just like to tell my partner that she is the most amazing woman, and I am more in love with her today then the day we were married. XOXOXOX

I also want to pat myself on the back because yesterday's post was our 500th. I hope we are helping to improve your relationship. To me a good relationship is the building block for not only your life together but everything that touches our lives.

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