Monday, August 16, 2010

Flowers are a wonderful thing to send a women... but what about the guys?

Most women love getting flowers from their partner. This is a wonderful simple action that shows the love that the giver has for the recipient. Some guys might appreciate this action if they were sent flowers but most guys would be embarrassed. So the question arises as to what you can do for the man in your relationship. How do you tell them that you care about them and still keep there manly feelings in tact. Well some suggestions might be tickets to a game, or their favorite beer with a ribbon on it. Be creative but make sure that they know what the items is for. Put a card with the item or a note stating your love for them. Just like you pick flowers by your partners likes do the same for your man. If they love tools but them a new tape measure for this item. It makes if so much more special to get something that thought went into. Men are not use to getting just a little random gift like this so this they might not know how to handle it. Make sure they know it is your way of giving them flowers without destroying their manliness.

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