Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fight the urge to think the worst.

Sometimes in a relationship we forget how much our partner loves us. We have visions pop into our heads either because to past problems in other relationship or because we listen to other people. Well for a relationship to thrive you have to trust one another. When you have that trust your partner will look even more beautiful and wonderful. Don't let the worries eat at you they only cause the worst to come about. When ever you start to wonder about things let your mind slip to found memories you have about great times in your relationship. How could your partner do anything put have love for you. Think the best and the best will come about. Make that trust you have the most important thinking in your mind and soon you will find your relationship growing. Far to many people try to control their partner and it is silly because the is the worst thing you can do if you want them to be happy with you. So relax and enjoy the love that they two of you have. If something happens then you deal with it as it comes don't bring it on by thinking about it.

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