Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dreaming Together

Dream board are simple things that the two of you can put together that will keep you focused on your dreams. You simply put things you want or desire up on the board then hang it up where you can see it every day. Put up pictures of where you want to live, cars you want to have, and places you want to go. Doing this keeps these objects in your mind and seeing them everyday will bring them closer to you then you think. If you want an amazing camera, or a yacht then put it up on your board. Don't worry if you feel that the item is out of your reach because if you believe in yourself you soon will find yourself shopping for that item. Once your board is up, make sure you spend time looking at it everyday and do it as a couple also. Put your arms around each other and talk as if you already have the things in the picture. Say things like I think, "I will take the Cadillac to work today", or "After work lets set out on the deck and listen to the ocean waves" By imagining the things you desire you bring them closer. It might seem silly at first but believe me those desires can become reality you just have to believe.

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