Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't be the old couple watching television in matching recliners.

This image haunts me to this day, the image of older people in their matching recliners wasting away the rest of their lives watching television. Don't fall victim to this trap. As we age it is true we can't do as much as we can when we were younger. However that doesn't have to be a death sentence to sit mindlessly watching television for the rest of our lives. As a couple it is your position to spur each other on and not get trapped in that recliner of death. Turn the television off and read a book, that way at least you are stimulating your mind, now a days you can even use a reading device such as the Amazon kindle so that you don't have stacks of books laying around. Make sure you exercise your body, also. Take walks, do simple exercises if you are unable to do others. Make the commitment to each other to not let the sedimentary lifestyle set in on either of you. Think of things to do go out and watch your kids or grandchildren play sports, soak up some sun, and enjoy all of your life you can. No one ever remembers how many episodes of Dancing with the stars you watched during your life, but they do remember how much life you had in you, so live it up.

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