Sunday, August 22, 2010

Don't be left behind as your partner grows.

Relationships are not cut in stone they are like trees blowing in the wind. They have to sway and chance with the directions the winds are moving. This is the reason why you need to be aware of chances in your partner. Maybe you don't understand the transition that they are making in their life but totally ignoring it will soon find you and them both wondering who the other one is. This such as new hobbies, schooling, or jobs are things that can effect a person and change them. For example if when you started dating your partner was a factory worker and then got a job as a insurance salesman they are going to chance. They will dress different they will act different. Same goes for education it can drastically change a person and if you are not prepared to learn and change with them then you might soon find each other with nothing to talk about. With nothing to talk about your relationship will soon start to wither. Even if you are comfortable with yourself you need to branch out as your partner does and never take lightly what they are getting into. When this happens your relationship will change and if you are not flexible then your relationship will break. Be ready to sway in the wind as your partner changes and enjoy the differences and dedicate yourself to learning not necessarily what they are learning but why they are growing. Grow with them not against them.

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