Sunday, July 11, 2010

Use the ice block method for major purchases.

Spending money as a couple is quite hard to avoid. However impulse spending is easy to avoid all you have to do is turn to your freezer. Take your credit card you use to purchase these impulse items and find a tub and fill it with water. Next place the credit card inside the tube and put it in your freezer. Then the next time the two of you want to purchase that silly home decoration instead of rushing out and putting it on your credit card you will have to wait for the thaw. Yes then set the block of ice out containing your credit card and you have to wait until the block completely thaws out to make the purchase. Usually what will happen is that you will realize during the thawing process that you don't really need that item that you had to have just days ago. This method has been around for years and has helped many couples avoid financial hard ship. If one or both of your are impulse shoppers then this method could save you bundles of money.

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