Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teasing, when that is all you can do!

Teasing each other at times when nothing else can happen is a great way to build excitement for the next time you get a chance to be intimate. Times like on family vacations, at in laws house for supper, or during a cook out are a few of these times that stick out in my mind. For example on vacation get a little frisky under the coves and let your hands do a little exploring, knowing that you can have full out sex but a little petting would be a great tease for a later time when the petting can go much farther. Sneak away for a passionate kiss at a family dinner or hold hands during a friendly cook out. No matter what type of teasing turns you on you can find a couple of minutes to get the blood pumping for later. A wink, a kiss, or a tush squeeze are all things that can jump start teasing when nothing can happen. The beauty of all this teasing is that it makes both of you feel really good and creates desire to follow through on the teasing later.

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