Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Study something romantic.

When we get away from our norm we can expand our thinking and your way of life. That is why I suggest picking up reading from time to time to learn about different ways of live. I suggest something from another culture that has to do with spirituality or love. For some that might be the Karma Sutra, or Tantric things while others might look for something a little less sexual. Maybe you want to understand why other cultures worship or hold sacred things like cattle or temples. Find out what turns you on (in reading that is) and study it, try to get a understanding of the subject. You don't have to change your feelings or beliefs but a little understanding goes a long way.

Right now I am learning and reading about Huna which is using knowledge from the Hawaiian culture to benefit your existence. I have picked up several interesting bits of knowledge and am becoming fascinated with the subject. To me it is eerie at how close it is to the Law of Attraction or The Secret for the more modern term. Hawaii was pretty much alone and had no influence from the outside world for a long time. To me Huna fells pure and natural and focuses on the moment your are in. There is no looking back or worry about the future you only control your present. Sorry I am beginning to ramble but you get my point and you can see how important learning can be plus it is something fun to share with your partner when you run out of things to talk about.

My partner and I have several long and great conversations about things we study. I can honestly say that I don't want to ever stop learning or conversing with my partner.

Here is the book I am currently reading check it out!!

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