Friday, July 23, 2010

Push stuff you need to do alone until later.

One thing I think can benefit any relationship is taking time to be together during the evening. Don't spend your time tinkering in the garage or reading a book in the other room. Make it a point to spend good quality time together. Do your reading or tinkering after you have spent some quality time with each other. I suggest setting time right before bed for you to do your other interest of if your like me do it after my partner has gone to bed. The downfall of many relationships is when we stop enjoying being together. Growing apart while still in the same household is more common than you think. Snuggle down in a chair to watch something, play a game, get a great conversation started anything that will get you close and talking is a relationship builder. The important thing is you are spending quality time together and take the time to listen to what is going on in his/her life outside the house. You will find that he/she is still as interesting as when you were dating and you spent all your time focused on each other.

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