Monday, July 26, 2010

Money Matters - Make a List and stick to it.

Money is always a concern when you are in a relationship. However said two people can live as cheaply as one was crazy. My couples money tip today is for you to make a list before you go to the grocery store. Go through all you cabinets and cupboards and make a detailed list of things you are out of or want to pick up for upcoming meals. Be specific down to what sides you are going to have with what meat. Plan out the whole weeks worth of meals and snacks and complete you list. Now come the tough part, when you get to the store stick to the list only. The grocery stores are set up to attract your attention to buy things you didn't really want with flashy displays and placement of the products. You both have to be strong. Another tip is eat a meal right before you go to the store so that everything and anything doesn't look wonderful. With a little self control you will soon find yourselves saving a lot of money and using the things you purchased. Next time you are on a wonderful vacation thing about how you might not have been where you are if you bought $40-$50 dollars worth of junk at the store?

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