Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love can heal.

Love is one of the most powerful things in our lives. It gives us strength and power to do things we never thought we would be able, too. Yet we constantly doubt it's power. I have recently be studying Huna, which is a way of living the Hawaiian culture teaches, and it has shown me even more how important love is to our daily life. Love is the feeling that someone is there to catch you and make you feel better. Which leads me to or subject for today. Love, can it heal? We know it is a wonderful feeling but can it make your health better? Yes is the answer. Studies show that people who claim to be in love actually live longer than those that don't. Love is a great reliever of stress, and you have someone to vent your anger with. Now your stress level is lower. We can see the long terms of love quite easily, together we are stronger. How about a quick healing can love cure illnesses right away. Is there the power to cure cancer or heat problems in our love? I say that if you truly believe so with out a doubt that yes love can heal those challenges. The problems lies in that we are taught that this doesn't work. We fall into societies ignorance that you don't need love and that love is an desire not a need. Well my friends I don't know about you but love is more than a desire to me. It roots deep in my soul and I can feel it's power. Now trying to find a way to use that love power to heal the ill is another challenge. For starters that person has to believe in the power to or their body will reject your love like it rejects or tries to fight off viruses. I like to think of love like water let it flow through both of you and cleanse the challenged area diluting and disputing the challengers hold on the ill persons body. Hold each other and imagine water rushing though both of your bodies let the passion you hold for each other take over and speak no words. I am not knocking modern medicine and I feel it is also very powerful but I think for someone to truly get well they need this love cleanse to coarse through their body. Now we all know that we cannot live forever that is not an option but to extend the time you are together to love each other, now that my friends is a miracle. Each and every extra minute you can get is a blessing, just ask someone that has lost a love.

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