Monday, July 12, 2010

Keep your Fingernail and Toenails neat and clean.

You hear it so often that after marriage that people start to slip in keeping up their appearance. They fish is caught so why keep using bait is the wrong philosophy to use. One area that you might not think about that often is your fingernails and toenails. There is no bigger turn of then having overgrown and dirty fingernails or toenails. The desire to be touched will be suppressed if the hands that are touching you have dirt under the nails and are jagged and scratchy. Yet this problem can be avoided when you simply sit down to watch television. Keep your nails trimmed neat and make sure to clean out from under them after you come home from work. After you take a shower is the best time to fix your nails as they are softer and easier to work with. Don't think your toes are unimportant either you feet touch in bed all the time and you don't want your partner to think they are sleeping with Freddy Kruger. Not only does neat and trimmed fingernails and toenails help in appearance but it will help in your sex life also. Neat trimmed nails are a plus as you explore you sexuality and your partners. You defiantly don't want to scratch or cut your partner during these times. Ladies paint your nails also it adds a great visual for your man as you touch and please him. Again keeping your nails up isn't a hard chore, but not doing it can find your partner shying away from your touch and that my friend is not a good thing.

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