Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A great time to make love!

One of our favorite times to make love is right when before the sun starts to set. We love the lighting it gives in our room. It acts as candle light letting you see and enjoy each others images but doesn't make you feel like your the center attraction at the circus. It allows you the freedom to see your sexy partner and watch them casually get ready to make love to you. You can also use the light as a timer. Make a deal to have foreplay until the light either reaches a certain point in the room or is no longer existent. This works create to help a partner that might be a little shy about being viewed because then once darkness hits they feel more comfortable. This might sound a little strange but for my partner and I it also allows us to get up and talk or get a snack or drink afterwards. We use this time to connect which right after sex there is no yearning or desire for physical intimacy. It allows you to focus on the mental side of intimacy which is very nice also.

Depending on your household situation you might have a little trouble starting love making at this time of day/night. Children and neighbors might create an issue as you attempt this amazing ritual. Good locks and shear curtains can go a long way in the pursuit of making love as the sun sets. You can also plan an overnight stay for your young ones at grandma's house. You could also take turns with other couples with children the same age so you both have the opportunity to enjoy a little uninterrupted alone time. Making love right before you drift off to sleep is fantastic, too. However, I would suggest you try a little sunset love and see how you like it.

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