Friday, July 30, 2010

Genitals vs. Toes

Unless you have a foot fetish I can assume that you don't use your toes much during your intimate love making. While my toes aren't the most erotic part of my body they are still aids in creating different sensations. Toes feel different then fingers and usually have a little tougher skin on them than other parts of your body. So, stroking your partners genitals with you feet will feel a lot different from using you fingers. Now most of us don't have as much coordination with our toes as we do with our fingers so you have to take it slow. The last thing you want to do is whack your partners genitals hard, because that could put a damper on your love making. Toes can be used to stroke a man's penis and play with his testicles and believe me this is such a turn on for most guys. Toes can also be used to stimulate the nipples of both men and women. Now for something a little different you can use your toes to stimulate the lips of a woman's genitals. Gaining control of your little buggers on your foot can also allow you to enter her vagina. Both sexes can enjoy a little toe to anus play. The positions you can get into for this type of foreplay is amazing and you don't have to be one of those images from the Karma Sutra to enjoy them. If you do plan on using your toes as sex toys please make sure to wash them good, poor hygiene is the kiss of death when dealing with they feet. Toenails also need to be neatly trimmed for obvious reasons.

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