Thursday, July 29, 2010

Find new recipes!

As a couple we get into the patter of cooking the same things over and over. Remember the days where each day had a title as to what you were going to eat. Meatloaf Monday, Taco Tuesday, ...
Well just as you need spice in your relationship you need it in your diet also. Nowadays new and exciting dishes are just a click away using the internet. Find a website that you both like that has a variety of recipes for several different types of cuisine. Take turns picking out something that sounds wonderful to you and make a list of six new dishes. Then make it a point to try these dishes our during the next month. After 6 months of doing this you will have tried 36 new dishes. They don't have to be ones that take all day to cook find websites that have simple meals that busy people can prepare in no time. Now it becomes a challenge to find new and exciting recipes to out do each other. Grade each recipe after you have consumed the meal and anything with a low score toss out. Ones you give high marks you can store or put into your meal rotation. Now forget about boring Meatloaf Mondays and starting thinking of your meals as an adventure in taste.

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