Friday, July 16, 2010

Can you live without your partner?

As we age we grow more and more dependent on our partner. Once the children are gone and have their own lives we find ourselves returning to a place that we were at during the early stages of our relationship. We now have time for each other again, time to date, time to ourselves anything we want to do. It is like a second honeymoon. What happens when the that all changes and one of you passes away? In so many cases you see the other partner stop functioning or unable to function as they once did. How many times have you witnessed an older person passing and not long after their partner passes. Losing that love doesn't have to be a downward turn for the other partner. There are things to live for like grandchildren and you can enjoy those things knowing the other partner would have wanted you to. Understand at some point and time one of you will pass before the other, that is the usual way it happens.

My suggestion for couples are to be a couple but be able to function as an individual. Know how to handle all things around your house from the bills to the laundry. Know where the life insurance policies are, and the list of how to get a hold of all the people you both know. Find things to enjoy by yourself, don't stop sharing with your partner but have something for yourself. That thing might be what you need in the event you lose your partner. With all this you need to live each day thankful of the wonderful person your in a relationship with. Get past all those little things that bug you but don't really mean anything in the scope of life. Be strong have your own identity but enjoy your partner all you can.

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