Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are you putting enough time into your relationship????

Life is busy, with work, activities, commitments, children, and so many other things we sometimes take time away from the relationships that are most important in our life. Our partner and our children sometimes get the short end of the stick. Has this ever happened to you, crawling in bed your realize that it has been a week since you and your partner have made love or that you didn't even get to see the kids today. We can't go out and quite our jobs or forget about all the wonderful commitments we have but our relationships deserve so much more. We need to find balance in our life. We need to have an hour or more with out partner a night, finding time to enjoy them on a personal and physical level not only in important to them but to us also. If passion is missing in your bedroom then it will be missing in all other areas of your life. If friendship is missing your philanthropy will suffer. All our happiness starts with the love we have at home. Think about all the great things your partner does are you letting them know that you are grateful for those things or do you feel like they are expected to do them? If your life isn't perfect, you don't like your job, or you just seem stressed all the time then you need to do this. Put stock in your relationship, you will be amazed at how much a couple of hours a day can change your outlook not to mention your partners. In almost all relationship one partner or both feel unappreciated, do you want the person that you love the most to feel that way???

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