Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We have all heard of foreplay as it is essential to our sex life. Have you ever thought about afterplay? Sex shouldn't just end after climax you need to cool down just like you need to warm up. Afterplay can be as simple as holding each other or caressing the skin lightly. Afterplay is something that could defiantly benefit your relationship, forming a strong bond at a time when you are accepting of it. I suggest being a little more hands on during afterplay everyone is a little sensitive in their genital region after they orgasm but give it a little time then caress that area, also. Don't be afraid of the fluids that you have expelled during your love making it is safe and okay to play in it. Massaging the outer parts of your partners genitals can be relaxing when there is not the need to become aroused. Heck with a little luck and a willing partner afterplay could become foreplay all over again.

Other things you might consider as afterplay bonding is getting a snack to replenish both of you, fruits work wonderful here. A shower together is a wonderful form of afterplay that not only makes you closer but also gets you clean. Afterplay could even be important if you partner might want to have another orgasm and you just can't. Always remember that sex isn't just over once the deed is done because this time is when you love can become so much stronger.

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